About Us

The Wee Littles Shop is a labour of love born from the success of the beloved animated TV series, The Wee Littles.


 The creative minds behind this enchanting show, Christina O’Shea and Clifford Parrott, brought it to life at their award-winning studio, Magpie 6 Media. Since its captivating debut on Irish television, The Wee Littles have won the hearts of little ones and their families alike. Our dedicated fans, both young and young at heart, have eagerly asked where they can find shirts or hoodies featuring their favourite characters. However, as the series is still in its infancy, finding such merchandise in local department stores can be a challenge. That's when we decided to embark on this exciting journey, creating an online shop dedicated to bringing The Wee Littles characters to life on clothing.


 We spared no effort in researching and collaborating with top-notch providers to ensure that every piece of children's clothing and other items we offer are not only memorable but also of the highest quality. While we are launching our online store in Europe, we have big dreams of expanding to new horizons very soon!


 With the same creative innovative storytelling drive that fuels Magpie 6 Media, we are confident that you and the cherished wee one in your life will delight in our fun and imaginative designs, all lovingly printed on durable, hard-wearing clothing!

If you're not acquainted with The Wee Littles' series, we'd like to introduce the characters!


She is Itsy’s older sister and loves looking after him. She’s got her father Teensy’s curiosity to work with her hands and enjoys building things. Bitsy likes it best when her family are all together on one of their many outings or when her friends come to visit. Her best friend is a little girl named Beaky Robin.


He is Bitsy’s little brother and has a mind of his own but he looks up to his big sister. Itsy considers himself a big boy that can do whatever Bitsy can do. Itsy is fond riding on bark sleds, conker carts, and his balance bike. He really likes going out on adventures with his pet earthworm, Jeremy!


She’s the mom and the Wee Little’s main idea generator, usually drawing or writing down her designs. She always has her sketch pad and pencil ready to jot down whatever idea pops into her head. Mini’s enthusiasm for coming up with ideas is infectious as the children and Teensy join her, adding in their own ideas to come up with a solution.


He’s the dad and a handy guy to have around because he just loves to build things. He’s not only handy with tools, but he’s also handy in the kitchen. Teensy loves bedtime because it’s a chance to make up a bedtime story and play a lullaby on his Bean-jo (like a banjo but made out of a bean!).

Jeremy Throckmorton III 

He’s the Wee Little’s family pet earthworm. Though Jeremy doesn’t bark or meow, his head makes a ting-a-ling sound when he shakes it. He adores all the family but is especially fond of the children. If Mini or Teensy want to find him, he can always be found playing alongside Itsy or Bitsy, and digging lots of holes! He’s also got a good nose for sniffing out rotting apples.